Our staff and our Patrons are part of our family. It is why your well being is of almost importance to us. We pledge to take all of the necessary precision to assuring your safety. Although there is no perfect system to prevent Covid-19, we will do everything in our ability to keep you and our staff members safe during your visit to our establishment.

We will do our part to keep you safe ! 

Social Distance

We've Impletemente Several steps to assure that social distance guidelines are met

• We've reduced our sitting capacity by 50% 

•We've Placed dividers between each tables

• Bar Seating capacity has been reduced by 50% and Spread out.

• We've enable a Seat By Text to alert when your guest are ready to be seated

•We've improved our Reservation system to decrease the number of patrons wanting to be seated.

It's Starts With US

We know that in order to keep our patrons safe, We must be safe so we've taken a all the necesary precessions to avoid spread of Covid -19

• All Employees are forbidden to work if he/she shows any sings of having Covid-19. Any Employee feeling sick MUST stay home ! 

• All Employee must take and log their temperature as soon as they arrive to work.

• During Work, they MUST wear protective gear (Gloves, Face mask at all time) 

keep it Clean

Part of preventing is eliminating... We've taken steps into eliminating possible spread of the virus by sanitizing and disinfecting

•Commonly visited areas will be cleaned and sanitized reguarly to prevent spread.

• Tables, chairs, bar and menus will be cleaned and sanitized after every use

• Optionally, Digital menus will be made available via smartphone app and Barcode scan, Patrons will have the ability to order and pay without the need of a server.

• Curbiside pick up will be enacted

• Utensil will be sterilized regularly however, customers can opt to ask for disinfectant for their utensil or can opt to use disposable utilsils.